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ABAP OLE2 Object Utility Class

As we all know, sometimes comprehensive dynamic Excel automation developments can be a little bit complicated with OLE2_OBJECT methods. You have to record a macro and find out what’s going on in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) codes for each specific process, if you don’t know it backwards .)

Hence, about a year ago I wrote a simple utility class for mostly needed common processes (e.g. set/get values, formatting options etc.) in Excel automation. You can simply create a new Excel sheet or open an existing one and manipulate it as you want.


Methods including;

ADD_HEADER_VIA_FCAT Add header via fCat
ADD_LINE Add line via structure
ADD_LINE_VIA_TAB Add line via table
ADD_LINES_VIA_TAB Add lines via table
SET_FORMAT Set format
SET_BORDER Set border
SET_ALIGNMENT Set alignment
SET_AUTOFILL Set autofill
SET_AUTOFIT Set autofit
SET_COL_WIDTH Set column width
SET_ROW_HEIGHT Set row height
SET_PAGESETUP Set page setup
SET_IMAGE Set image
SET_VALUE Set value
GET_VALUE Get value
GET_ROW_COUNT Get row count of clipboard table
GET_APP_OBJECT Get application object for custom dev
CLIPBOARD_EXPORT Clipboard export
SAVE_DOCUMENT Save document
CLEAR_CLIPBOARD Clear clipboard data
FREE Destructor
PRINT Print Document

You can just copy and paste the code in “Source Code-Based” class builder editor of a global usual ABAP Class.

Source code:  OLE2Object

(Fork me on GitHub if you want to contribute)

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P.S. For suggestions or reviews pls. contact.


Zafer Onbaş

SAP ABAP & Fiori/UI5 Consultant & UI Developer

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